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HiLY Grand Father at Maurice Island

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FK9 - FK12 devices

The Papangue Team and devices in Mauritius Island.


The Papangue ULM CLUB exists for three descents and still makes yellow devices shine in the blue reunion sky.
Forerunner of the aviation in Reunion Island, Jean HILY (the grand father) made the first Reunion Island/Mauritius crossing and was the first qualified in Reunion.


Claude HILY, his son was aviator too. He drove the devices Jodel, Stamp and Chipmuk.


His grand son Jean HILY is currently an ULM, aerobatics and helicopter pilote. As his grand father remarkably did, he crossed again Reunion island/Mauritius in an ULM device.


                                                  More History


From 15 to 80 years old, our pilotes and pilote pupils often meet to fly away with the outstanding ULM : FK9 and FK9ELA, FK12 Comet and FK14 Polaris.

More than a common passion, they meet every saturday morning around the « Papangue Snack » that is prepared by everyone. It's not only a friendly way to deepen their passion, share the weekly gossips, but also to talk about new trips.


Since 1997, the club organises Reunion Island/Mauritius crossings in ULM. It takes one hour and a half to join the sister island. Every year has its surprises and unforgettable memories. It is also a good way to strengthen relationship between pilotes.

Some « Camping » evenings are organised. It takes place at the base of Bras Panon where the ground is full of grass and so suitable for any picnic. The amazing view keeps you dreaming...

"The conquest of the Air, but not that ... "
Discover our fishing video.


Jean Hily with the Renegade Spirit

5 mai 1997

First flight in ULM between Réunion-Mauritius

A small part of Papangue Team

Camping Session

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