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Discovery workshop and engine operation

School of Steering

You can get your multiaxes ULM certificate

Our teacherJean HILY 

Pilote for a long time and founder of « Papangue ULM », Jean HILY is the first pilote to have crossed Reunion Island/Mauritius/Reunion Island with an ULM BIPLAN « Renegad Spirit ».


Since then he often organise crossings between pilotes and members.


He is also a helicopter and aerobatics pilote.

You are 15 and more ? You want a bit of freedom ? … Papangue ULM forms you for the multiaxes ULM PILOTE CERTIFICATE. The training is based on two parts : theoretical and practice.

You will be part of the ULM PILOTE family after a written exam (multiple choice questions) that will lead you to a theoretical
certificate issued by the civil aviation together with a practice training (a flight with instructors).


You want to fly away with several people ? It's possible !

A « carrying passengers » practice test with an instructor will enable you to share your passion and bring many people.


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